Medical Marijuana Delivery Service

This is a private consultation for individuals or small groups that wish to start a medical marijuana delivery service. Start your medical marijuana delivery service with confidence that you are in compliance with required business practices and State laws.

We will discuss how to operate your business safely to reduce the risk of breaking the law and to deliver the highest quality medicinal materials. In addition we will focus on owning your own collective or organization for your delivery service members.


Medical Marijuana Deliver Consultation

  • Personal confidential delivery consultation
  • Business start-up counseling
  • Ongoing phone and email support
  • Necessary business forms

Forms Included

  • California or Nevada Non-Profit Collective form
    (required before you begin business)
  • Example Marijuana Collective “Membership Agreement”
  • Authorization to Transport” medical marijuana
  • “Authorization to Cultivate” medical marijuana


The cost of the consulting session is $500 and is available by appointment Monday-Saturdays during normal business hours. Participants can schedule to meet with us at our location or via Skype.

How to Schedule Your Consultation

Purchase online and have immediate access to the included forms, or you can call Kevin at (530) 526-7617 to schedule an appointment.

Cost Per Person

Cost per friend and/or partner: $200 per person

One Person: $500
Two People: $700
Three People: $900

Schedule Your Appointment

Marijuana remains illegal under federal laws. Some states, counties and cities have adopted the medical marijuana patient programs. American Cannabis Academy,LLC and it’s affiliates and speakers, and all other participants does not offer specific legal or tax advice. It is your responsibility to comply with all laws and regulations that pertain to marijuana use, cultivation, and sales.